Education in Regional Anesthesia

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Education in Regional Anesthesia Special Interest Group Mission and Call for Submissions
The Education in Regional Anesthesia Special Interest Group (SIG) of ASRA seeks to provide its members with resources that will aid them in their careers as anesthesiologists and educators. The Education in Regional Anesthesia SIG website serves as the venue for posting and developing content. Topics may take many forms but broadly focus on methods of teaching, professional development, learning theory, curriculum design, and education research. Available resources are expected to build over time into a library of helpful materials. The SIG site will also host other group activities, including podcasts, newsletter articles, CME offerings, polls, and education research opportunities.

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Regional Anesthesia Education
Competency, Assessment, and Feedback
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Simulation for Education
Ultrasound Visualization, Interpretation, and Techniques

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Educational Research
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Simulation in Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine Education
Education in Ultrasound Regional Anesthesia
Education in Regional Anesthesia

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Orientation to Regional Anesthesia Rotation

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Comments and Suggestions
Your contributions can help build the success of this endeavor. To suggest a topic or make a submission, please reach out to the Education in Regional Anesthesia SIG email. Submissions should ideally be 1) structured as brief narrative reviews, 2) range from 500-3000 words, 3) be keyword dense, 4) employ hyperlinks to other internet resources, 5) list relevant tags to aid categorization, 6) contain author information, including name, credentials, position, organization, city, state, and author headshot. An example can be seen in this piece.

Those interested in education topics should also consider posting to the ASRA Educational Resources page, especially if the topic is not strictly education-focused. For example, a high-quality video on how to place an epidural should go on the ASRA Resource Center, while a video on how to teach someone to do an epidural should come to the Education in Regional Anesthesia SIG portion of the site.

Thank you in advance for your contributions.