Interventional Procedures

Contrast Agents
Brian Chung, MD, Honorio T. Benzon, MD

Discogenic Pain and Thermal Annular Procedures
Fnu Kailash, MD, Salim M. Hayek, MD, Joshua Goldner, MD

Fluoroscopy and Radiation Safety
Honorio T. Benzon, MD, Brian A. Chung, MD

How I Do It: Managing an “Inherited” Intrathecal Pump Patient
Lynn R. Kohan, MD, MS

Intrathecal Drug Delivery Systems Overview

Neuromodulation SIG

Pain Rounds with Dr. D: A Neuromodulation Curriculum (external link)

Pulsed and Water-Cooled Radiofrequency
Khalid Malik, MD

Sacroiliac Joint Injections, Lateral Branch Blocks
Maxim S. Eckmann, MD, Chad Brummet, MD, Ronald Wassermann, MD

Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty
Mark N. Malinowski, DO, Allen W. Burton, MD