Resident and Medical Student Pain Education

CME Resource Suggestions during COVID-19


It may be difficult to navigate the best resources to continue to provide medical education to our medical students and residents during the current pandemic. The Association of American Medical Colleges has some valuable resources that may aid in continuing to provide education during this time. Check out their library of many different types of learning resources, including information specific to pain and opioids, a difficult patient scenario, and spinal cord anatomy:


Opioid Risk Mitigation Strategies and Overdose Resuscitation

Medication-Seeking Patient Scenario

Spinal Cord Anatomy

Module 1: Pain Pathways is now available. 

For additional resources on pain pathways, view our full module by clicking here

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This special interest group invites all ASRA members to join that are interested in improving pain education. We need educators, mentors, researchers and leaders to improve acute and chronic pain education for the next generation of physicians. Residents (in any specialty) and medical students are also welcome and integral to the success of this SIG.

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