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The goals of the Women in Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (WRAPM) SIG are:

  1. To provide a networking forum for women in ASRA to discuss and share ideas towards enhancing their professional development.
  2. To provide mentorship and support to women in the early phases of careers in regional anesthesiology and pain medicine.
  3. To offer specific leadership training for women, with an emphasis on developing a pathway for advancement within ASRA, as well as individual institutions.
  4. To support research projects from women in regional anesthesiology and pain medicine.
  5. To increase participation of female medical students, residents, and fellows in the field.
  6. To recognize and promote the work of women in advancing the field through education, advocacy, research, and patient care.
  7. To advise ASRA on issues related to women in the practice of regional anesthesiology and pain medicine.

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